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Re: A4 delivery

On Dec 2,  3:35pm, Christopher Loker wrote:
> Subject: A4 delivery
> I have been a regular listener on the Quattro list since I ordered my A4q
> 2.8l back in late July.  No details on my '97 A4 since I still haven't got
> it (was supposed to be October delivery to my dealer in Virginia).  It has
> been in "D" status for a long time but today I was informed it moved to "F"
> status.  From what I have heard "D" status means in production, what
> exactly is "F" status.  My dealer is no help at all (no suprise from what I
> have heard of Audi salesmen in the US)!
> Has anyone gone through this process in the past few months, and if so, how
> long did it take from "F" status to delivery in US?

Now, wait a minute.  Are you saying that someone actually
called you, said "your car is now in F-status", and wouldn't
tell you what F-status was?!?  Call Audi of America, they've
got a toll-free number, and find out.  But I can't believe a
dealer won't tell you!

I don't remember all the letters, but I'm pretty sure G-status
is on-the-water.  If so, then F-status would be waiting to
set sail.  Figure maybe 3 weeks.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q