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Test drove an A4 2.8 quattro

Hi Kids,

Decided to trade in my BMW 535is on a new car.  I test drove the
A4 quattro 2.8 with an automatic.  I do not want an automatic,  but
it was all they had.

So how does an old BMW fanatic feel about the Audi.  Simple...
I want one.  Yummy!!!!

There is one thing that concerns me about the Audi.  The engine is
soooo shoe-horned in there.  How does anybody do work on it.  Could
not even see the alternator.  How the hek do you get to the oxygen sensors.
What about them spark plugs.  I realize that this is supposed to be a low
maintenance engine,  nevertheless,  all cars need maintenance.  Do Audi
mechanics know something I don't.  Or do they have real thin hands.
Any comments on this.

Also,  how reliable is the Audi V6.  Will it take the thrashing that my 535is
You know what I mean... accelerate real hard to 5500rpm,  gotta turn,  slam on
brakes,  chuck car into turn,  repeat for 100,000 miles.  I hope it can,  since
it is one
of the smoothest revving engines I have ever experienced.

Comments are appreciated...