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Audi's new S-cars

Hi all,

Just thought I'd entertain you with some news of the new crop of Audi S-cars.
This month's Auto Zeitung from Germany has an interesting story on the subject.

The story begins with the history of Audi's sporting models. Production
figures are given for all types of Sporting Audis (from the S1 or Sport
Quattro). I never knew, for instance, that there was ever an S2 Avant or S2
saloon (sedan).
For those interested: mail me for the figures.

After a brief history of the strange naming conventions (?) of fast Audis
in the past, the article goes on about Audi's forthcoming models.

The S3 will be based on the A3. It will feature Quattro (or better: Syncro)
and the 2.9 VR6 engine, because a 6-cyl engine is considered more
prestigious than a hopped-up 1.8T. This will feature a modified head with
5V technology, providing an estimated output of 210-225 bhp. Exterior
embellishments are restrained (as always) but the S3 will feature BMW
3-like quad DE headlights, with black optics for that 'mean' look. The 17"
alloys are a further clue to the identity of this car. Other mods are
mostly confined to sports suspension and interior, with aluminium trim on
the dash, sports seats and steering wheel. If this car looks anything like
the artist's impression, I want one (chances will be extremely slim that
I'll be able to afford it, though).

The S4, to be introduced in the summer of '97, will get a 5V version of the
V6. It will be available in saloon as well as Avant versions. The top 2.8
V6 30V will deliver 265 bhp. As well as being quick, Audi will also
emphasize on fuel economy and low emission. A six-speed 'box will be
standard, and a Tiptronic version can be expected. Valve problems with the
193 bhp Turbo version have been solved, so a turbo version will be offered,
too. This version will accellerate from 0-60 mph well below 7 sec. It's top
speed is governed to 250 km/h. German prices haven't been released yet, but
are expected to be at the DM 70K level (approx $44K).

The S6 will be based on the new A6, which will in saloon form, be
introduced on the Geneva Auto Salon in March '97. The artist's impressions
of both saloon and Avant versions look extremely aggressive. It's not yet
been decided whether there will be an A7 version with external differences
and the V8 engine (the current S6 Plus) or that this will be an A6.
Initially the S6 will get the same 2.8 V6 as the S4, the higher weight
factor giving it less performance. This means that emphasis will be more on
dynamics than on pure performance.

This means that Audi will offer large performance saloons from DM 80K (S6)
to DM 130K (S8). The advent of the S3 means that Audi will offer something
below the BMW M3-class. There's no M-car based on the Europe-only 3-series
Compact hatchback, so Audi's at an advantage here. The same goes for the
S8- there's no M7 BMW.

More info forthcoming!


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