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Re: '90-'91 Coupe quattro FAQ, was Advice on buying 90' quattro coupe

At 05:40 PM 12/3/96 -0500, Duff, Ian wrote:
>>6. Exhaust donuts died, letting exhaust rest on driver's side rear
>>wearing a hole thru exhaust. Exhaust is stainless steel, so you can get it
>patched, and get 3 new chain reinforced donuts from Techtonics for US$6
>>each. Unique to Coupes.

I liked your FAQ. A lot of good info, except this one is not unique to
coupes. It happend to me in my 91 90Q20v Sedan. It made a gringing sound
and I thought it was a trans or dif problem - 'till it got loud! (& $$)!

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