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Foggy Windoze

I'm back from Washington, and back on da list....

Here's a question for the assembled cyber-multitudes: in the current 
55-degree TX weather, I feel that should be able to use the ECON 
function in my 1990 200 when minor heat is required in the car.  But 
whenever I do (with four passengers) the windows fog up within one or 
two minutes.  I am confident the heater core is sound, and there is 
no leakage or antifreeze smell.

But I am always forced to run the Defogger, which in turn runs the 
A/C and lowers the gas mileage.  

Does anyone else have this problem?  If so, any suggestions?  I'm 
wondering if it doesn't depend a lot on the consistently high 
humidity down here.

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