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Re: Foggy Windoze

At 03:46 PM 12/4/96 CDT, you wrote:
>I'm back from Washington, and back on da list....
>Here's a question for the assembled cyber-multitudes: in the current 
>55-degree TX weather, I feel that should be able to use the ECON 
>function in my 1990 200 when minor heat is required in the car.  But 
>whenever I do (with four passengers) the windows fog up within one or 
>two minutes.  I am confident the heater core is sound, and there is 
>no leakage or antifreeze smell.

When you put the system on econ, it should go straight to fresh air for the
supply.  That should keep the moisture down enough to not fog the windows.
Check to see that the fresh air flap is opening (under the hood on the
passanger side) when you put it on econ.  If it isn't, then the spring may
have broken that pulls it to fresh, or the servo inside is messed up.

If it is going to fresh, then you'll just have to cut down on the PhD level
hot (humid) air generation.

 - Mitch