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Vintage Audi racing posters found

Hello fellow Qheads,

I received my new Griot's Garage catalog today (800.345.5789), and in the
back is a set of 4 vintage racing posters, and one is of an Audi/Auto Union
Rennwagen Type C (16 cylinders, 520hp).  Looks real cool---it is a painting
with german words at the bottom, probably dates and times of races, and a
screaming Type C with 4 rings shadowed in the background.   Background is red
fading to yellow.  It comes in a set of 4, included are 3 other pics, but I
do not recognize the cars (all pre war, ne might be a Testa Rossa).
Dimentions are - postcards: 4 3/4 X 5 1/8; Posters: 11 3/4 X 15 3/4.

I've ordered prints from this company before, (set of posters: Bugatti,
Packerd, Benz and Delahaye, all pre WWII) they are high quality and look good
in my office.

They also have Wheel valve caps and matching key chains for Audi for $22.95.
 The valve caps have "Audi" written on them and the key chain is a wrench for
removing them.  I might buy some, they would look nice on my new BBS rims!

I see the rest of you took my advice about buying the AUDISPORT stickers at
Blaufergnugen, when I called yesterday to order some for Dave Head and
myself, they are out!  Now I have to wait 2 weeks or longer!

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