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Re: 5000CSTQ - Euro Headlights

>I saved some messages from a while back.  Looks like Penninsula was
>the place to go for Euro lights.

Thanks to Igor we all now know that 800/4-METRIX ext. 245 (Philippe Sabot 
a GREAT Guy!) . get's you the best price (Like $490) Make sure that you 
also get the H4 and H3 Bulbs......

>Any other places the collective, penny-wise wisdom might recommend?
>Other parts, pieces, relays, switches, etc. I might need or just simple
>bolt-on and plug-in?

Relays, YUP!  You need them, you also need:

2 Rubber Boots  PN 447941189
2 Connectors     PN 447972957
8 Spade Connectors PN N-0170851-4

The Difference is HUGE!!  Especially with the 560 watts that I'm 
running....  (Right Randall...)
(Thanks for the numbers Peter!)


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO