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Re: ur-Q rear brakes...

> Can anyone explain to me the setup for the rear brake, ( ie how the hand
> brake is setup ) on my '81 urq. I would stick my head under it but the car
> is resting quietly  at the smash repairers. 
> I know some makes have small drums internal to the rear discs while
> others somehow use the rear calipers?
... on my '83 urQ the emergency brakes actuate a piston at the "back" of
the caliper cylinder.  There is some sort of mechanism that includes a 
screw that automatically adjusts as the cylinder moves so that in case 
of hydraulic failure there is a mechanical connection between the e-brake
[rear piston] and the piston that actuates the pads.  

I find the e-brake on the urQ is not very effective ... when the car is 
sitting on the driveway slope it is possible to get the car to roll back 
if the tranny is in neutral.  The mystery to me is that I believe that 
the parking brake in the '88 5kQ is the same, yet the e-brake on this car
works quite well.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)