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Re: Test drove an A4 2.8 quattro

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Jason sez>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

> Decided to trade in my BMW 535is on a new car.  I test drove the
> A4 quattro 2.8 with an automatic.  I do not want an automatic,  but
> it was all they had.
   Smart move! 
 > So how does an old BMW fanatic feel about the Audi.  Simple...
 > I want one.  Yummy!!!!
    My last of about a half dozen BMW's was a 7 series... once a quattro 
    nut always a quattro nut! I'll never look back. 
 > There is one thing that concerns me about the Audi.  The engine is
 > soooo shoe-horned in there.  How does anybody do work on it.  Could
 > not even see the alternator.  How the hek do you get to the oxygen sensors.
 > What about them spark plugs.  I realize that this is supposed to be a low
 > maintenance engine,  nevertheless,  all cars need maintenance.  Do Audi
 > mechanics know something I don't.  Or do they have real thin hands.
 > Any comments on this.
    Not real thin hands, but very, very sticky... they like green in 
    large denominations <G>
    I've had the 100/A6 with V6 for 5 years. It has been virtually 
    maintenance free ... and virtually gutless, but you'll get used to 
    that. Dealer does the maintenance during the teething years... helps.
    My total maint. other than routine has been a pair of oxy 
   sensors! Now be nice and dont ask about the cost of maintenance on my 
 > Also,  how reliable is the Audi V6.  Will it take the thrashing that my 535is
 > takes.
 > You know what I mean... accelerate real hard to 5500rpm,  gotta turn,  slam on
 > the brakes,  chuck car into turn,  repeat for 100,000 miles.  I hope it can,  since
 > it is one of the smoothest revving engines I have ever 
 > Comments are appreciated...
    We have lots of guys on the qlist who run their V6's like that, and suspect
    you will get some interesting responses!!! Mine just goes, and goes, and 
    goes, and gets 29-30 mpg on the freeway... and at a stop light can 
    whip the heck of old gray headed guys my age with half-charged  
    battery-driven golf carts. Once rolling it's fun!
    OGHF, Oak Harbor, WA