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Re: Size of casting plug at the rear of the Cyl. head???

>On the highway, there is plenty of water flow, so temps drop a little.
>In traffic, the temp climbs because of poor water flow. Summer or winter
>doesn't make much difference except in how fast it cools down or heats up.

Hi Andrew,

	Mine's running so cool these days that the run-after fan and pump
almost never come on; in the summer they're always on for 2 to 4 cycles of
maybe 10 seconds each...now with the cool outside air...nothing. Someone posted
within the last two weeks that the proper reading for my guage ('87 5kCSQ) was
one the line at the 1 o'clock position, the one with the small dots on either
side of it; even on the hottest day sitting in traffic my temp. needle has
never gotten anywhere close to that mark no matter which multisensor(3 or 4
prong) I had in the car. Anyone else seen this high mark?

						Happy motoring,


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