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1993 S4...Tempting me


I've been tempted lately to park the Ur-Q, using it only for events,
rallies, weekends etc. and stop subjecting it to 130 mile commutes to
Boston everyday.  The dilema of course is what to replace it with.  Clair
Audi in Boston currently has a very clean '93 S4 coming in from one of
their customers.  Car is exceptional, 29000 miles, Red w\ Black leather.  I
drove it last night...what a beauty.  

My question is...what do you folks think of the price?  It's listed for
$32,900, I've got them down to $31,500.  Seems quite reasonable to me
considering the low miles and condition.


Geoff Jones
Amherst, NH
'82 Ur-Q USA (C)