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89 200T opinion wanted

 I am looking at an 89 200T for 4500$  117K miles, slush box with changed
trans fluid, mineral oil only thing used for power steering.  Pretty well
upkept, only needs two things.  Rear windshield needs resealing as it was
replaced after a hail storm some years ago and the seal now leaks.  It
also needs a headlight assembly (300$?)  The guy had a an 87 5K before this
so he knows how to upkeep his Audi and he took em to a well respected German
repair shop.  Shouldn't this car be worth more?  Like at least 7K$?  
I don't, with a low price like that, just leaves me wondering.  Everything
checks out on the car though, he just changed the power steering hose and
timing belt.  Opinions please?