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Re: Inskip dealership (Warwick, RI):

> PS> Stay clear of Inskip in Warwick RI. Pardon the language. They are a
> bunch of stuffed Shirt
> A**h*l*s . They will never sell me a car.
Heh. Isn't it ironic that there is still an inskip dealer sticker on my 86
5KCST?  The car came from a RI area auction...hasn't been back to that
dealership, I assure you.  Actually, the only Audi dealership service was
done by the one in Wallingford, CT, and I don't think I'll be going back
there again...When people in CT need to get good service done, where do
they go?  I keep fishing around and haven't found anywhere I like YET.

 -Preston Brown