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re:Engine questions

Eric Fluhr sed:
> I was wondering if you could take
>a 2144cc engine, bore the block by 1.5mm or 3mm and use the pistons from
>the respective 2.22L or 2.3L engine.  Would the stock CIS system be able
>to deal with the larger displacement?

I dunno...and probably...

>And on the A4 note, how many cc's does it have?  It seems to me that this
>engine is the well-known I5-turbo minus one cylinder, with a nifty head.
>Maybe that is why it has so much potential?  We already know what a turbo
>I5 can do...

I think you have this a little backwards...Seems to me that our favorite
5-cyl is but the evergreen vw inline 4 cyl plus one...funny how the
displacement of only 4/5 of my 4kq's motor is _exactly_ the displacement of
my departed 84 Jetta Gli...

My guess on the 1.8t is that this block and lower end share an awful lot
with said vw engines...hmmm, would that mean all those cheap speed parts
(pistons, cranks) for vw motors slip right in?   Chip, _and_ increase
displacement, what's the limit?

BTW, has anybody figgered out how to get around that little OBD-II bother yet?
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