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Re: adding relays to euro lights

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

> I plan to use two relays, one for high beams and one
for low beams.  Should I use more?

Only if you are a lunatic like me, and have handfuls of spare parts to use

>The question is... wires.
What is the best place to intercept the wire so that the signal goes from
the switch to the fuse to the relay, then to the light?

The obvious solution, as I gleaned from Phil Payne and others, is to trigger
the relays with the original headlight socket.

>Should I wire the relays close to the headlight?  

Yes, in a way.  I learned from the same sources (here of course, thank you
Dan) you should pull the 12V directly from the alternator - just put a ring
terminal on some nice heavy wire (8 ga) and bolt it on top of the other two.
 There should be a fuse next.  I recommend the neat looking ones they sell
for audio nowadays - they are jumbo, high wattage, and most are designed to
exclude moisture.  This eliminates all the horrible series resistances of
stock wiring and gives you a nice 13.8 volts at your lights.

>Should I just discard the existing wiring?  

According to these suggestions, you are using it.  Just zip tie or tape the
unused connectors aside neatly.  Now anyone can return the car to stock or
re-customize it easily.

>I'm hoping that my existing electrical problem (lights, power cut out at
random but always with lights on) is somehow related to the lights and that
adding relays will fix the problem.

We all have dreams, Dan. 

I have just done what I describe on my Coupe.  I used 7 relays, one for each
side high beam, one for low beam, one for fogs which are not installed yet,
and the remaining three allow me to put the outer bulbs in series instead of
parallel, for a subtler traffic presence.  I keep mentioning this like it is
some kind of religion, but the feature is not entirely enabled yet (i.e. not
at all!) and today I was in traffic behind a cop, with my proud 80 watt low
beams shining into his (her?) rear view mirror.  I noticed he had to flick
his mirror to dim.  Do I really want to irritate Officer Friendly when heshe
hasn't even met me yet?  I think not.  And I plan on upping the dosage.

The relays work great, they are installed in Audi style (bosch?) sockets
attached to the stock relay bridge from an Audi 4000.  This bridge is
attached (easily!) with two steel brackets (2x2 ells) and 4 stainless nuts &
bolts to the top radiator bracket and a hole in the driver's side
headlight/hood latch support area.  I then covered the whole mess with a
plastic shroud to reduce weather damage.  (actually I used the bottom of a
black anti-freeze bottle!)

PS always use silicone dielectric grease on your electrical connection for


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