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In a message dated 96-12-04 12:52:52 EST, you write:

<< 	For some reason my series 500 Hella Driving lights on my 4000Q 
 will not work with the upgraded high-performance bulb.  I probably blew 
 10 fuses all with different ampage in an attempt to make them work.  Does 
 anyone know of a way to make them work?
 Damien Zumbrennen
Did you relay them or hook them up to the stock wiring....  Properly relayed,
you should be able to draw a total of 30amps on a single relay 60 total on
two...  That means 1) 1 relay X2 lites = 30amps * 12v = 360w total light/2 =
140w per bulb or 2) 2 relays X 2 lites = 60 amps * 12v = 720w total lite/2 =
360w per bulb...  So either you hooked up the light wrong, or you need to
relay them individually...