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Foggin agin

In a message dated 96-12-04 15:48:28 EST, you write:

<< > Are you saying I should put clear not amber fog lights under my bumper? 
 Yup.  The old myth about amber light (especially monochromatic sodium light)

 penetrating fog better is just that - a myth.  The filters just cut out
 of the light.
>>>>  No phil....  A hella or a cibie light comparing clear to amber lense is
only 15% lumen loss beyond the filter, not a 66%....  The placement of wiring
and output of the charging system  can affect light output more than the
filters....  2 volts off on a 12v system can make anothers amber fogs
brighter than your clears.....  What amber does do, is give better depth
perception, that is why it is a recommended lense for thick fog and dust and
snow storms....  Halogen lite is a very white light and has hi reflectance
potential, the ambers can make up the actual lumen loss with better
 The important thing about fog lights is to place them as far away from the 
 driver's vision axis.  The idea is not to have the fog that's lit up by the 
 outbound beam in the driver's field of view.  That's why sharp cutoffs are 
 good, and why the lows should be _off_.
Running a fog without the lows is 1) illegal just about anywhere, 2) is
considered a supplemental beam, so unless you are running at 15 miles per
hour, you will outdrive a fog lite very quickly running alone, and before I
would run with lows off, I would go back to considering my suggestion to get
an extra set of amber lenses to help in the REALLY thick stuff.....  A fogs
primary function is to put light to the immediate front and to the side, a
closer fill than a low beam pattern....  Not sure the driver axis thing is
exactly right....  You want to look over the top of the cutoff of the beam,
but unless you mount them at windshield level, you will look over the top of
them by definition...