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rear diff. bushings 4kq


It is becmning increaingly apparent that it is about time (probably past 
time) to replace the rear diff. bushings in my 87 4kq.

Two questions:

(1) any special, unique-to-Audi tools required?  There was a post in 
the past 2 days pointing out that Audi engineers seems to think that every 
screw, bolt, or fastener on the car must be removed with a tool unique 
for that job.  The person who keeps the q runnning these days is an 
excellent Acura mechanic, but he prefers not to work on German cars 
because of the almost one-of-a-kind tools that are seldom used except on 
red, UrQs built between February 5 and March 12 only if it snowed less 
then 7 cm on the preceding tuesday (so I exaggerate, so what!)

Seriously though.  Anything special in the way of tools required to 
replace 4 of the rear bushings?

(2) Source for them at a decent price?  I have been less than thrilled 
with my usual parts supplier recently.  Forgot to order some things for 
me then on another order forgot that he had ordered them for me and never 
shipped them.  He also promised to get back to me on 2 UrQs he was 
looking at buying to see if I was interested in one of them.  Been 6 
weeks and still no word.  None of this is fatal, but maybe it is time for 
me to begin to look for additional parts suppliers for the car.  Linda at 
Carlsen?  Aftermarket folks?

Thanks a bundle.

Bill Murin