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Re: Heated Windshield Squirters?

	The only heated windscreen washers jets that I have seen have been on a
Saab 900. The liquid came from through the motor and the pipe was then
wound several time round the water pipe for the rad. This would be a
simple mod to do a Audi (I think!) the only problem is the bonnet (hood)
opens the other way around and so the tube would have to be much longer,
possibly causing it to freeze. On the other hand you could use the
heater pipes to the car heater but that would only work when the heater
is on although the use of these two device may coincide quite nicely. 

87 coupe q

P.S. What do people in the USA call the cloth part of a convertible car

	On the subject of heated Windshield squirters does anybody in Canada or
the Colder areas of the US know if they are available for the Ur Quattro
Turbo (Or the Old Coupe as they have the same bonnet/hood) as according 
to Audi in the UK they are not available in the UK.