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Leaking VC gasket, 9004 Xenons, Vacuum Pump "experiment"

Hello cybergang,

What brand of valve cover gasket do I have to use to get it to stop 
leaking? Both the 4ks (1.8) and 4kq (2.2) continue to leak after 
replacement (several times!). Do these things just always leak, because of 
positive crankcase pressure or otherwise? (I'm a little skeptical of the 
"no PCV valve" setup, solenoid-actuated or not) Blue/black/no sealant? 
What's the cure . . .


I've seen 9004 Xenon bulbs made by Wagner for sale next to the regular 
9004. They were $1 more at the chain-store in which I saw them. Anyone 
tried them? I already put 9007 in so I can't experiment . . .


After replacing the E-brake cable on the 4ks (1.8, no pump) I was doing the 
forward/reverse/forward/... dance to get the rear drums :-( adjusted. I was 
occasionally pushing on the gas and brake, and noticed that with the 
throttle wide open, I could use the brakes exactly twice before _all_ 
assist was gone. Now, I was using my left foot for braking, as my right was 
on the gas, so I may not have been pushing as hard as usual. BUT, if the 
throttle became stuck open (broken spring, etc.) while going around a 
corner (both hands on wheel ==> can't reach ignition) I'd have a better 
chance at breaking the pedal off than of stopping the car. I'm certain I 
couldn't stop even the measly 102 hp (at least in first gear). Once the 
throttle was released--brake pedal still mashed--boost came back in about 
1/4 second, the pedal would push itself down about 3 cm, and the wheels 
would instantly lock (a treat for the neighbors). I have newfound respect 
for the vacuum pump on the 4kq.



James Marriott, BSME
work:  Manchester, NH, USA  marriott@Summa4.COM (603)625-4050 x 2539
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'64 Falcon Sprint Convertible--balanced & blueprinted 260 V-8
    GOES great. Stopping? 217k
'86 4000S        the better half's commuter (heated seats), 100k + ??
'87 4000CSQ      H-stock auto-x und daily driver, Kanc-1 veteran, 138k