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Re: Heated Windshield Squirters?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Simon Allcorn say:

> 	The only heated windscreen washers jets that I have seen have been on a
> Saab 900. The liquid came from through the motor and the pipe was then
> wound several time round the water pipe for the rad. This would be a
> simple mod to do a Audi (I think!) the only problem is the bonnet (hood)
> opens the other way around and so the tube would have to be much longer,
> possibly causing it to freeze. On the other hand you could use the
> heater pipes to the car heater but that would only work when the heater
> is on although the use of these two device may coincide quite nicely. 

I believe the purpose of these beasts is to heat the jets themselves to
melt any snow/ice that may accumulate and block them. If they are already
frozen, then heating the fluid won't help (it won't flow).


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