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Re: A4 & Alpine CD Changer

jayclee writes:

>Does anyone know if an Alpine CHM-S601 CD changer can be plugged into an
>A4's "prewired" setup?  Any information on an adapter or pin-out diagram
>would be helpful.

I just went through this myself for my '97 A4.  The answer (unfortunately) 
is NO it won't work.  There is a company (sorry I misplaced the name &
ph number) that Auto Stereo dlrs go to to get harness adapters for this 
sort of thing but when I called them they said they would not have an
adapter until sometime Q1 1997!  Plus it (apparently) is not a simple 
wiring change, but requires some electronics & would cost $70 to $100.  
I gave up and bought the Audi changer from my dealer.  I got it for $595, 
plus $25 for the mounting bracket.  I figured it cost me ~$200 extra, but
saved me the installation hassles and doing without my 'tunes' for 4 

If you want the name of the company, just go to your local auto stereo
specialist & ask.  Note this company does do adapters for many other
auto manufacturers.

-Mark Quinn