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Re: adding relays to euro lights

> Dan) you should pull the 12V directly from the alternator - just put a 
> terminal on some nice heavy wire (8 ga) and bolt it on top of the other
>  two.

All high-current connections (ie all but relay sense and ground) should 
also be soldered for best results.

> The relays work great, they are installed in Audi style (bosch?) sockets
> attached to the stock relay bridge from an Audi 4000.  This bridge is
> attached (easily!) with two steel brackets (2x2 ells) and 4 stainless 
>  &
> bolts to the top radiator bracket and a hole in the driver's side
> headlight/hood latch support area.  I then covered the whole mess with a

Where did this come from, how do I get one, and why are the gods frowning 
on me??!? (I just finished wiring with three relays--a left and right 
high/driving, and a low--mounted wherever they fit)

> PS always use silicone dielectric grease on your electrical connection 
> longevity.

I actually took out the tube and looked at it during the install, but 
didn't use any. Thanks for the tip.