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Smart aspirator!

On 3 Dec 1996, Joe Yakubik wrote:

> the dash.  I have a new and unusual possible source:  the inside temp sensor
> located in the dash.  There is a small fan and vacuum section to this sensor.  I
> noticed a faint "whistle" on startup, that from the drivers' seat sounds like it

	This is the aspirator motor/fan.  The motor/fan draws air across
the incar temp sensor to tell the HVAC computer the temp of the cockpit. 
The more airflow you can get across this sensor, the more representative
the temp reading will be.  On my 5KCSTQ, it makes just a slight noise,
that I can barely hear except when the engine is off.  It flows about
0.3cfm (how's that for next-to-useless trivia?) I know because I measured
it one day when I was doing work on the same type of part for Cadillac.  I
have spent alot of time this year in an attempt to make a quieter
aspirator that flows over 1.0 cfm for the '98 Seville replacement.  I
_KNOW_ what I will be using when the aspirator goes south in my 5KCSTQ. 
It will not be the Audi (Bosch) part. :-)

Later, ---------------------------------------------------------- 
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