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Rear Caliper.

                      Subject:                              Time:  9:09 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         Rear Caliper.                         Date:  12/5/96

Recently the handbrake in my '87 Coupe GT is not springing down when the brake
is released, thus not making contact with the brake switch, causing my brake
dash light to be on when the brake is in fact released.  I asked my mechanic
(Dunn's Import, Madison, WI) about this, and he said in order to fix this
problem, the left rear caliper would need to be replaced.  I would think there
is some kind of spring return mechanism that could be  replaced/adjusted to
solve the problem.  If indeed my mechanic is correct, where is the best place
to get a caliper, and is used caliper a good option.  I've had great luck with
Carlsen in CA for parts, but think this little hunk o' metal might be pricey. 
Any ideas?  Any good ideas?

Aaron Pratt (aaron_pratt@pleasantco.com)
87 Coupe GT 2.3 Black over Mouse Fur, and of course: Vegas/Tokyo Dash