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Re: CPA Motors

>      Hey folks,

>          I was looking in one of the Quattro Quarterly's and saw an add
for a
>dealer in CA that specializes and sells ONLY Quattros.  Looked
interesting, and
>they had all models advertised from TQC's and 5KTQ's to S6 Wagons!  They
also s
>aid that they are opening a new showroom soon (and this add was produed
>4 months ago).  The dealer is called CPA Motors and they are located in
>dge, CA, which I have heard is near or in the Lake Tahoe area.

CPA Motors is located in Northridge Ca, which is in Southern Calif, in
the San Fernando Valley.

>           I was just wondering if anyone on the list has visited their
>m (and if the new one is open yet)?  And, what they thought of the
place.  I kn
>ow we have several list members in the Lake Tahoe area and I was hoping
they co
>uld shed some light on this.  Were the cars all very clean????  TIA.

I live within 10 miles of their location and contacted them when my
girlfriend was looking for a 91 Coupe.  At that time he had three of
them.   She ultimately bought it from somewhere else, but that is not any
sort of reflection on his operation.  

His shop  is in a row of auto garages and I don't think he has a showroom
(as of mid-November)   I asked around about the place and heard he buys
his cars at auctions out of state and ships the cars back to Calif.  When
I drove by in mid-Nov (on a Sunday, store was closed), he had parked
outside 2 100Q Wagons, 2 V8s, 1 91 200Q and some 5000Qs, so it seems that
he has a pretty large inventory.  When I talked to him before, he told me
that he was the largest used Audi dealer in the US (although I'm not sure
how impressive that is).  I had mixed feelings about the place, but when
I'm in the market for a used Audi, I probably would check them out.

Eric Gressler
86 Coupe
(and I get to drive my girlfriend's 91 Coupe sometimes)