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It's good to be back! AOL help needed.

Hi, virtual club!

I have just come back from a California trip. I missed you all! After six
days of an Internet access deprivation I am exhibiting all symptoms of a
Q-list (and a Q-car!) withdrawal syndrom.

I am trying AOL for the first time. SOB does not let me use Netscape! It
looks like the good folks at AOL are forcing me to use their browser (no
comment) and their mail service, which stinks. Can anyone help me configure
Netscape 3.0 to work with AOL 3.0 in the Win 3.11 environment? Please reply
to me direct. Thanks much!

Mandatory Audi content: 
while visiting friends in Santa Monica I saw a '84 or '85 5000 (4 head lites)
painted and working as a....Yellow Cab(!). So much for the alleged
unreliability of Audis.

Igor Kessel