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Re: Techron & Oxygenated Fuel & Slick 50 Admission

On Thu, 5 Dec 1996 Paul_Royal@isserv9.idx.com wrote:

>   I have not introduced this elixer, snake oil, or what have you into my
>   90Q20V, but I'm
>   considering it under the nothing to lose category.
>        Go ahead, make fun of me......what do you folks think?

You see??? I was right!! There *ARE* articles in that magazine. Ill just 
have to look harder next time....and to think my wife doesnt like those 
magazines...see what Im missing???

I suggest you send me that magazine Paul (ASAP, my wife will be gone for 
a week) , so I can prove it to her. (You know...I just want to show her 
before she leaves..) Yeah, thats it.


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