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20V Clutch squeel revisited.

Here's an update to the problem I had with my clutch squeeling in the 
mornings. I had some good input from some listmembers that made me think. 
The squeel went away when I just depressed the clutch pedal slightly, 
meaning my clutch hadnt disengaged yet. This leaves throw out bearing.

A suggestion I had (From my dad oddly enough) was to sit there with my 
clutch in for a few minutes. Warm up the bearing, get the grease to flow 
a bit. The thought of that made me cringe.. I RARELY use my clutch for 
more than 1/10 of a second, and NEVER sit there at a light with the pedal 
in, so my clutch is probably like new. That in turn is probably my 
problem, underusing the throw out bearing.

So I did his suggestion about a week ago. I sat there with the pedal in 
for a couple minutes while idling, and every light I came to that day, I 
kept the pedal in. I figured what the heck, if I have to replace it 

Guess what? I havent heard a peep since. Quiet as a mouse, even on some 
of those really cold mornings we've had. Am I cured? Am I lucky? anyone 
heard of this?? Am I just prolonging the obvious??


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