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Re: Alternator Brush Pre-Failure Replacement

On Thu, 5 Dec 1996, Dale McCormack wrote:

> Due to the durable nature of galvanized-body  Audis, more of us are
> keeping them for higher mileages (compared to domestic vehicles).  So,
> if your car is getting up in miles, this is a place to look that may not
> normally be considered as a "maintenance" item.   

Excellent point. When I was young and stupid (no comments please) this 
was the failure that cost me 11 hours, count them...11, on the side of 
the road in the winter before someone came. Since then, Im religious 
about that. If found that the typical life of the alternator brushes is 
approx 111,000 miles.  (this is on the 4kq anyway..)

I hope that good post prevents someone from getting stuck like me!


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