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Re: Alternator Brush Pre-Failure Replacement

I'd like to add my endorsement to this preventive measure. My wife's '94
Jetta GLI experienced alternator failure. Examined brushes, found them
worn to nothing. Dealer of course only has the whole brush/regulator at
about $100. Autovice, here in Seattle, had Bosche brushes at $5. Just a
little time with the soldering iron and away you go.

As a preventive measure at 100K miles on my '86 4000q, I took off the
burshes, found them pretty worn down and did a similar replacement. That
was 20K miles ago and everything is still fine.

As cars get more complex it seems everything is a throwaway, fewer
opportunties to find real problem and fix.

Similar to power antenna on my quattro. Stopped extending. Found relay
points just needed cleaning and regaping; that was over 40K miles ago.
Antenna still operating.

	- jon