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Re: Alternator Brush Pre-Failure Replacement

On Dec 5, 12:11pm, Dale McCormack wrote:
> Subject: Alternator Brush Pre-Failure Replacement

> This winter I considered other possibilities for similar brush wear
> within the car.  As a preventive measure I ordered new alternator
> brushes from Blaufernugen (no affiliation) for $40.  ...

	Ouch! What are they made of -- platinum? You may want to
	shop around next time: I got mine for about $5.00 from a local
	store who was willing to spend the time cross-referencing them.
	(and they were Bosch originals to boot).

	The only difficult part was that I had to solder mine in, which
	can be quite a pain if you have a wimpy soldering gun, as I did.


	'85 5KT (the one with new brushes, 133K)
	'91 200Q ($100 brushes for this one, I'm sure, 51K)

Arun Rao
Pixar Animation Studios
Pt. Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 215-3526