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RE:4000qtr driveline query

In a note dated 12/3/96 Jon Blake asks:

>Car: '86 4000CS quattro, 120K miles Symptom:  under load, at speeds above,
say, >50 mph, muffled thudding coming somewhere in the driveline. Sound goes
away >with lifted throttle. I'm thinking u-joint or perhaps the hanging
bearing through which >the driveline is routed to rear.
>Any thoughts?  Typical maintenance/repair item for car with this mileage.

Mine had what sounds to be exactly this when I bought it (@ 124k miles). A
friend of mine who owns an independent Porsche/Audi shop did my pre-purchase
inspection specifically for this prollum. Though he is an AOA trained tech.
quattro fanatic and 4k owner...he had never seen or heard of this before.
Upon consulting a shop owner friend of his up in Lake Tahoe it was determined
that the front CV joint on the drive shaft was bad. Audi's fix is (of course)
replace the whole drive shaft. This Lake Tahoe shop had replaced this CV
joint in the past and advised this is what we should do too. Since the car
was otherwise immaculate (1 owner, garaged, records, yadda yadda) I
negotiated the estimate off the price and bought it, had my buddy fix it, and
it has been fine ever since (over 30k miles later now). HTH...

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq