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Here's my letter to AoA:

Here's my letter I sent to AoA, let's see if they even care to

December 5, 1996

Dear Audi of America,

      As an owner of Audis since my 16th birthday, I've the opportunity to
drive some of the best cars built in the world.  My garage has seen a total
of 6 Audis, My first being a 1980 5000 Turbo.  Soon after I bought my first
Audi Coupe GT, a 1984 model in 1988.  My next car was a 1985 Coupe GT in
1990, and then a 1987 Coupe GT 2.3 in 1994.   In 1994 I graduated from
college and began my "money is no object" search for a 1990-91 Coupe Quattro.
 In 1995 I found one, which I enjoy greatly.  In addition my fiancée and I
also purchased a 1990 90.  Now I am faced with a growing disposable income
and am still waiting to see an A4 Coupe.  I've test driven several A4s, and
feel they are wonderful cars, yet Audi seems to have abandoned the Coupe
market completely.  This could be in response to the failure of the 1990 - 91
Coupe Quattros in the American market.  The Coupes never sold well in America
due to their poor engine offerings, while Audi offered it's best products to
the European market only.  It is no wonder it has taken Audi so long to
recover in America, we only receive watered down versions of great European
     I've found myself shaking my head every time Audi makes a change in
their offering to America, saying to myself; "why don't they understand the
American market?"  It takes too long for Audi's new products to reach our
shores (examples: A8, Coupe Quattro, Cabriolet), and when they do, they
arrive with diluted engines.  Every German manufacturer that is present in
our market understands that Americans buy German cars for performance and
handling.  Audis have always had a hard time keeping up with the performance
of the offerings of BMW, Saab, Mercedes Benz and even VW!!   The 1990-91
Coupe Quattro failed because of it's performance was not competitive to that
of it's competitors (Saab 900 Turbo, BMW 325is, Porsche 968).  I'm sure if an
A4 Coupe existed, it would arrive in the U.S. weighing far more than a BMW 3
series, and having less power.
        I still think Audi has the best cars offered here in the states, and
will continue to buy their products.  I am now thinking of purchasing a 1997
A4 Quattro this spring to replace my Audi 90.  As I drive the A4s, I find
myself wishing for more power and a sports package for the American A4.  I
hope this letter does relay some of thoughts and feelings of myself and Audi
owners all across the nation.  If Audi would like to see a true
representation of Audi owner's reactions and thoughts of the company, Audi of
America needs to monitor the "Quattro List"
(http://coimbra.ans.net/quattro.html) - an internet discussion group of Audi
owners, offering each other advice of fixing, maintaining and purchasing
Audis.  You will see first hand how the many bad Audi dealers are treating
their customers and what effect the some of the outrageous part prices do to
Audi loyalists.  
     As an example, I've requested 1997 Audi brochures twice and have yet to
get any
information on their products.  I called the 800 number in October to request
info with no luck, and recently requested info through the Audi WWW site.
      I hope these comments help and do not fall on deaf ears, and that Audi
will take the thousands of Audi loyalist seriously.  Please feel free to
contact me to discuss the what could be done to help the many Audi owners in
America who feel neglected.


Christian J. Long
Orlando, FL
(407) 657-2479