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Re: 200QTW Belt Whine

In a message dated 96-12-05 13:24:26 EST, you write:

<< In any case, the replacement belt is already making that "I'm going to 
 break" whine, and it is less than 2 months old. BTW, this belt was purchased

 and installed and the alternator was properly aligned by famous Carlsen 
 Porsche-Audi right here in Palo Alto, so I have confidence in the repair.
 What do you think is wrong? Do I need a new alternator-is there some sort of

 excess friction? What is up???
Look down at the thing, make sure it makes a straight shot from the main
pulley to the alt....  Next get a test light and pull the negative off the
battery, put the test light in series to the batt ground, how bright?  If
real bright you have a ground somewhere making a bigtime pull on the alt all
the time....  Most timesreplacement alternators have a larger hole in the
upper mount that makes them prone to misalignment....  Or the medal tab with
the tractor adjuster is bent out/in enough to get a diagnal line to the main