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CPA Motors

CPA is Bob and one mechanic.  They're at 8332 Tampa Blvd, in
Northridge, for you LA locals.  Phone is 818-885-5000 (maybe
885-2000).  I've gone by many times and have talked to Bob a lot.
 He usually has a couple dozen late-model cars.  Lots of V8s,
often an S4 or two, and  lots of V6 100s and 90s.  He goes all
over the country to buy the cars and ships them back to Calif.  I
almost bought an 87 5kCSTQ from him, but ended up finding a
better car and better deal from a private seller.  One of my friends
bought a 93 100 there, and is very happy with the car.  His prices
are fair, though not outstanding.  The cars are clean, seem
thoroughly inspected, etc.  No affiliation or interest.

Calif. smog fee:  $300 per car unless it has the yellow sticker OR
you can prove it meets Calif. smog requirements for the model