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RE: Vintage Audi racing posters found

>They also have Wheel valve caps and matching key chains for Audi for $22.95.
> The valve caps have "Audi" written on them and the key chain is a wrench for
>removing them.  I might buy some, they would look nice on my new BBS rims!

Hi Christian,

	Beware of these valve caps; I got a set from Impart or Herringtons four
years ago. In normal day to day driving and checking air pressures once a week
they were OK. Some problems with winter salt oxidizing the aluminum. But I was
out of the country for a few months and while I was gone the brass threads on
the air nipple and the aluminum Audi caps mated and became one. I had to go to
the tire shop because I could see where I was beginning to tear the brass in
attempting to remove the caps. Three of the four caps were so well fused that
the brass tore and twisted off and the tires went flat in the shop and had to
be partially broken down to have new air valves installed. One cap did come off
with out damaging anything. I had seen this beginning to start and had WD-40'd
all four of them before I left on my trip. It was no enough; I would recommend
oil or a lil' grease as lubrication if you really want to use these caps. Also
it might be advantageous to make sure the wheel and tires are balanced with the
caps on as they are much heavier than the generic plastic caps. It's
interesting that they now include a wrench with them...disguised as a key fob.



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