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Re: Rain-X

In a message dated 96-12-04 13:45:12 EST, you write:

<< Wow.  I was beginning to think that I was the only one in the
 world who's ever had this problem?  Can't help you, but if you
 find a solution I'd *love* to hear it!!!  Raix-X works great,
 as long as you reapply it every week or two.  But once you
 start using it, it would seem that you're stuck using it forever.
My application of Rain-X lasts ~8 weeks, as long as I clean the windshield
really well first. On our adnoH coupe it only lasts 3-4 weeks, prolly due to
the highly sloped windshield. I love the stuff, and admit that it is an

Try orbital buffer with Maguire's #1 compound liguid. I do this to my
headlights and winshield every Spring, after the Winter sandblasting!


Jonathan Fenton     JEFDO@aol.com
Montpelier, VT
'9s S4sIA3