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Re: '89 200q ?s

Tom wrote:
I noticed the same after changing the tyres on my car over. My front
Pirelli P2000s were down to 3mm, so I put them on the rear and put the
former rears, P6s with 6mm tread left, on the front. Braking was a lot
better, but I also noticed the 'squirrely' feeling you describe. It's
even worse in the wet, and positively terrifying when braking from high
speed on a wet road.

>>>>>It is my understanding that you should *always* run the tires with the greatest tread depth on the rear. If you put the worn down ones on the rear (where there's less weight) the car will hydroplane on the rears much more easily. This becomes even worse on braking, which of course transfers more wieght to the front, allowing the rears to hydroplane much sooner than the fronts. Hence that squirrely feeling that becomes even more pronounced in the rain.

86 5ktq I.A.