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Re: Need Winter Wheels

At 05:35 PM 12/5/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I stopped by  my local Town Fare (W SPFLD MA.) tire to see how much some
>steel wheels would cost for the  89 200q. Holey Sh@#%@#@  Bat Man they
>wanted over 100.00  per rim. YEAHHHH Like Iam ready to pay that for snow
>rims.  Any one know a more reasonable option.
>		Bob Russell 89 200q
>		86 4kcs
>	American Exterminating co.
>	Springfield, Ma. 800-5-INSECT
>	New England's only 4th generation pest management firm
We'll, I could have sold you a set of Audi alloy wheels for your car for $25
each, but didn't know you needed them!  Sold them to my mechanic.


I have a set of 4 bbs copy alloy wheels for the 4kq with as new "Tiger Paw"
studded snow tires I'll sell you for $250 plus shipping.

I don't know if the '86 4k non-quattro has the same 4 bolt pattern as the
quattro cars.  I know the earlier 4ks have the VW bolt pattern.  Let me know
if you're interested.

John Karasaki

Quattro Club (regional & national) member