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leasing a 96 vs 97

Riddle me this folks.....Why do I hear that its better to lease a new 
97 instead of leasing what's left on lots in 96 models?

My situation is that there is a 96 A6QW with 6k miles and loaded at a 
Ford dealer.  I used my credit union leasing service through AT&T 
Automotive Services who was able to get a lease price on a sale price 
of $29,500.  Don't have in service date yet, but probably have 2 to 2 
1/2 year remaining on the Audi Assurance.  So going with a new 97 will 
give me full warranty but the sale price will be (most likely) in the 
mid 30's.  Since the residual will depend on the lenght of the lease, 
is that the key?

Am I correct in my guess that a lower selling price on a 96 with a 3 
year lease doesn't necessarily mean I will have a lower residual than 
if I went with a new 97 with a 3 year lease? Could the 97 could have a 
lower residual? We plan on keeping the car after the lease, so paying 
the least amount of money over the lease and subsequent loan period is 
obviously my goal.

BTW, has anybody used AT&T Automotive Service?  Do they have better 
lease "rates" than Auto by Tel?

My 89 200tqw is for sale!!!!


89 200tqw