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Re: best tyres up front or in the rear? (was '89 200q ?s)

>It is my understanding that you should *always* run the tires with the
>greatest tread depth on the rear. If you put the worn down ones on the rear
>(where there's less weight) the car will hydroplane on the rears much more
>easily. This becomes even worse on braking, which of course transfers more
>wieght to the front, allowing the rears to hydroplane much sooner than the
>fronts. Hence that squirrely feeling that becomes even more pronounced in the

Front tires brakes the car. The rear tires provides directional stability.
Loose traction on front tires, you simply goes on and on and on and on...
Loose the traction on the rear, and you begin tail wagging.

Hydroplaning, on the other hand, would happen on the front tires first --
unless you do your majority of driving backwards. The new Pirelli P-Zero
was designed behind that idea. Personally, I'd put the better treaded
tires up front to splash the water away (for the rear tires).

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