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Re: Symantics of "chips"

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<< >>>>CHIPS:
 One final note on CPA: Bob has chip + spring mods that are (according to
 him) factory modified chips from Europe. He says he doesn't get quite as
 much power out of them (about +50HP) as Ned's chips (I have Ned's -
 works great). The CPA chip is around $400-500 if memory serves. Other
 than that, I don't know anything about them. In fact I know only of
 T.A.P and I.A. as chip/spring providers. Is there a factory-official
 Euro chip that adds much HP? 
 I had a TAP chip in my 86 5ktq initially, but it blew out the
 intercooler. Supposedly there is a screw adjustment in newer (87+?) tq's
 that prevents that from happening. I don't remember much more about it,
 as that was years ago. Bottom line: I sent back the T.A.P chip and went
 to I.A. The I.A. chip has worked flawlessly, and to my understanding has
 better safety mechanisms built in (like not allowing too much boost/fuel
 when the car is too hot/cold). (BTW, what's I.A. stage I, II, III? I
 have a chip and spring, but no cockpit boost adjustment knob) What
Just for clarification, a computer mod would be a more appropriate definition
of most of the "modified" boxes out there....  There are only a small handful
(very small) of commercially available mods that actually reprogramm the
eprom, the definition of a chip mod....  IA and TAP with the pre 20vt cars
are included here...  Chances are, if you need a stiffer spring the eprom is
stock....  There are a few on this list that found the string to eliminate
the need for a stiffer spring, bingo....  THAT requires a chip program....
 Makes ya think if the list can do it????.....   IA stage I is 1.8 bar, stage
II is 2.0bar on a 10v turbo...  Less and less of this is rocket science.....