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For those who have wondered, what if?

I have an 85 4000s quattro, pretty tattered, with about 300,000 
miles on a well maintained engine.  I live in southern California, so I 
don't much get a chance to drive the car in the snow.  As a matter of 
fact, I have never driven the car in the snow.  Sure, I can corner like 
a maniac, but I always wondered what I could REALLY do.  I have a friend 
that lives in Yuma, Az and when I was visiting him one fine summer day, 
we decided to take his Jeep out to the dunes.  We got to talking and I 
was bragging that my car had a more advanced four wheel drive system 
than that of his Jeep, naturally I left out the part about ground 
clearance.  So, I got gutsy and decided to take it out there, I thought 
hell, the car's already pretty beat up, how much worse can it get?   
Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen,  THE QUATTRO TOOK TO THE DUNES. 
And it performed magnificently!!!!!!!  I beat him almost anywhere!!!  It 
must have looked awfully silly, this CAR out in the dunes throwin FOUR 
rooster tails, awesome.  I finally managed to get stuck when I went up a 
hill, the hill wasn't the problem, it's when I tried (like a moron) to 
turn around on the hill.  Needless to say, I got stuck like you wouldn't 
believe.  Sand was up to the undercarriage on all four corners, me and 
my buddy were digging that thing out for two hours, all the time being 
chided by his wife because we took a car to the dunes.  We finally got 
it out, so naturally I had to show off on the way out and tried to do a 
"doughnut," well, I managed to make a very tight circle, no spinning 
action, I am proud to say.  The damage: tire popped off the rim, and 
that's it.  All of this took place about eight months ago.  Unless 
you're like me and think that there is nowhere your quattro cannot go 
and have this burning desire to prove it, I do not reccomend it.  I'm 
only sorry that I didn't take pictures.  Who knows, maybe I'll do it 

Aaron LaPointe
85 4ksq 300,000+mi.