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'86-'87 GT Coupe info

Mine has been excellent with no major repairs required, in fact even very
few minor ones, and I do drive it hard.  I believe all '87's had the
digital dash.  In '86 only the "Commemorative Editions" had it, the
others had analog.  Contrary to all indications on the list, mine has
performed flawlessly, except for 2 bulbs that needed replacement.  I had
two other GT's before this one, both '86's and both Commemorative Ed's
with the digital dash and also no problems with those, although I owned
both of them only a short time.  The Commemorative Edition consisted of
red leather interior (quite a sight in an Alpine White car!)  and the
color choices were Graphite Black, Alpine White, and Red, I think.  These
also had body color rear deck spoilers.  The '87's also have body color
mirror fairings and side window surrounds, not to mention the last half
of the year's production had the 2.3 liter engine and rear disk brakes.

Ed Kellock        QCUSA Member #2882
Lansing, IA
91 200qw - Indigo blue, titanium leather, IA Stage 3, 67k
87 gt coupe - Alpine white, white leather, TSW Evo's, 108k