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Belts and lights

Many thanks for your help/advice regarding my belt dilemna. I'm going to 
look for that missing bolt and eyeball the pulleys. The negative ground test 
might be beyond my reach. My temporary fix is a bottle of belt spray that 
seems to be working after 3 days.

Another question for y'all. It is unanimous that the Audi lighting is weak. 
I have the unfortunate opportunity to replace my aero headlights (right one 
received a rock to the inboard side, destroying the driving light area). 
Fortunately, the headlight still works, so I won't be risking a fixit 

In any case, what are "Euro lights"? are these just the aero lights? Or are 
they the bitchin' twin beam/ion-looking things from the A-8 and later model 
year Audis? Would those twin-beam jobs fit on my '89 200QTW? And are they 
significantly brighter?

Many thanks,