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Re: alternator brushes/volt regulator

>I ask for one big reason:  My car exhibits a few of the symptoms described
>the article.  I have a one year old Bosch battery, that every so often 
>goes flat
>enough to not start the car.  After a jump, or the ever popular
>one-man-out-of-the-garage-backwards-push-start, it runs fine for a few 
>weeks.  I
>had the battery checked and the verdict was the battery was okay, but
>undercharged; I should have my charging system checked, or drive more.

I hear you on this one and was thinking of trying the kit to see if it 
helped.. I also found that by doing a "Maintence" charge on the battery 
once or twice a month I don't have the problem.......

>Joe Yakubik
>(don't try a one man push start if you are neither thin, quick, or brave 
>-- or stupid)

That's one of the reason's that I Back my car up my steep driveway!


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO