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Re: 9004 Xenons


> Hi, Craig, you are asking:
> >Igor,
> >I read the subject of your last message and it says "9004 xenons"
> >Do they make them??  I guess I missed the original message.  If they do
>  make
> >them, where can I get them and for how much?  I'm excited!!!
> >If they don't make them, sorry for wasting your time.
> I've never heard about Xe filled 9004's, it was somebody else's subject. 

> Huh?  Xenon bulbs, at least the ones I'm thinking of, are arc (high
> intensity discharge) lamps that require a special lamp ballast to 
> If they are HIDs, there won't be a filament like in a conventional
> incandescent light bulb.
> Regards,
> Robert Wheeldon
> '90 V8Q
> Principal Engineer
> Boeing Commercial Airplane

The post Igor mentioned was mine. The Xenon bulbs were $8.99, the regular 
halogen $7.99. Both were marketed by Wagner/Cooper lighting (blue 
packaging). The "xenon" bulbs look just like the "halogen" bulbs. No arc, 
no ballast, no anything. I didn't invent/make/market them, I was just 
posting what I saw.

hth, ymmv