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Re: Wheel fantasy

STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:
> >The new Porsche 911 2 and 4 wheel drives have some amazing aero-spoke
> >wheels, I think 17". Would they fit on an Audi 5000-200? The amazing RS2
> >Quattro wagon came with Porch-She wheels.
> Not even close, No way, not gonna happen.
> Later!
> Eric Fletcher
> St. Louis, MO
> STEADIRIC@aol.com

Eric, how sure are you?

The RS2 and the 89-92 C2/4 share the same rims, same bolt pattern and 
offset and same porsche part number as per the RS2 microfiche.
The fiche also shows that the RS2 has the same hubs as the 5000/200/S4.

But, I'm only basing this on my observation of the factory part 

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